24. Nov 2020

Hosts in the cafelavvu

Tasks for the hosts in the cafèlavvu

Meetingplace: By the frontier in the cafèlavvu


Early shift: 10.45 – 16.00

Late shift: 15.45 – 20.30

  • Everyone is responsible for their own area, but of course – we help each other.
  • Cleaning and washing of tables.
  • All tables must be washed thoroughly before placing new guests. When the table is ready, report this to the placeholder. Also check if the lights are to be changed, and the sauce rails are neatly placed on the benches.
  • Waste is sorted according to the following template: leftovers, glasses, cans / bottles with a deposit. Several «garbage stations» are located in the lavvo.
  • When the waste container is full, replace the bag / container with a new one. Waste is placed in a designated place.
  • Used serving trays are delivered to the designated place for washing. It is not allowed to stay in the kitchen container (infection control)!
  • At the end of the shift, the floor is costed where needed.


Corona-control measures:

  • We want «corona bubbles» in the lavvo. This means that those who work with food (kitchen) are bubble 1, serving (cleaning help) is bubble 2. Each bubble gets its own staff room / wardrobe / toilet, and cannot stay outside its work area on duty.
  • We have a strong focus on cleaning and infection control! Be careful with washing, keep distance from guests and colleagues as much as possible, both before, during and after shifts.
  • Wash your hands often (washing is available in the bar and in the kitchen) and use rubbing alcohol! Gloves can be used if desired, but good hand hygiene is most important.
  • We keep food production and serving separate! Ie. that those who are engaged in food production can not stay in the kafelavvo, and not have close contact with the serving. And vice versa!
  • We have separate break rooms / changing rooms for food production and serving.
  • You will be given a face mask to be used at all times.