Thank you so much for volunteering at the Christmas Market in Trondheim!

Welcome to the digital Volunteer Handbook. Here, you will find practical and important information about volunteering at the Christmas Market. If you have any questions you cannot find the answer to here, please contact the volunteer manager.

Contact information

Volunteer ManagerThekla Nyberg997 85 659
Volunteer CoordinatorBirgitte Mikalsen954 26 034
Arena leaders:  
   Arena manager / Exhibitor managerSarah Føreland979 53 378
   Arena manager / Warehouse managerStig Syrstad482 81 534
Responsible LavvoKristian Simonsen930 39 370

E-mail: frivillig@julemarkedet-trondheim.no

Facebook group for volunteers at the Christmas market

Arena map

Practical information

Volunteer base: The volunteer base is in the east wing of Hornemansgården. The entrance is at the back of the building, from Presidentveita. Here you can take a break, get the Christmas spirit, have a chat and enjoy coffee / tea and snacks. Private clothes, bags and valuables can be stored at the festival base, or in the Lavvo if you are on duty there. The base will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 19:45 every day volunteers have shifts at the Christmas Market.

NOTE! The volunteer base closes 19:45 even on nights with extended opening hours in the Lavvo.

Entrance to the volunteer base

Food: Dinner is served at the Volunteer base from 14:30 to 17:00. The morning shift eats dinner after the end of the shift or by further agreement. The late shift eats dinner before they start on duty or by further agreement. We have bread and toppings at the volunteer base as lunch and supper. Waffles, coffee, tea, and fruit are available throughout the day. Please tidy after yourself.

Lost and found: Bring items to the info booth next to Torvscenen. Items are eventually transported to the festival base and placed in a separate lost property box.

Smoking: No smoking is allowed in the Christmas Market area. If you want to smoke while on duty, you must take off your uniform and leave the market area.

Alcohol and other drugs: It is not allowed to consume alcohol or other drugs before or while on duty. 

Everyone should wear name tags when volunteering at the Christmas market. You will get your name tag on your first shift, and keep it throughout the market period.

Host in the Lavvo: Wear an apron and black sweater with the Christmas Market logo when you’re on duty. These are picked up and delivered for washing in the dressing room in the Lavvo.

Other groups: Yellow woolen vest over regular clothes. Vests are picked up and delivered at the volunteer base. Dress according to the weather and whether you will be inside or outside. Remember comfortable shoes! We provide work gloves.

Illness and absence: If you become ill or for some other reason cannot work your shift as planned, you must notify the volunteer manager as soon as possible by phone / SMS.

Benefits: As a heartfelt thank you for your efforts, all volunteers receive the following benefits:

Volunteer discount in the Lavvo

As a volunteer you get a discount on select items from the menu in the Lavvo. To get these prices you need to order at the bar (not your phone!) and show your name badge.
Here are the volunteer prices:

Hot chocolate kr 25
Dahls Christmas soda kr 35
Mulled wine (non-alcoholic) kr 25
Beer 0,4 L kr 60
Waffle kr 25
Rice porridge kr 40
Reindeer burger kr 100
Fish burger kr 100
Vegan burger kr 70
Sausage (wild garlic or Christmas spices)
in bread or “lompe”
 kr 50
Grilled sausage in bread or “lompe” kr 35


Everyone is always responsible for:

There are professional security guards at the entrance and exit in the Lavvo.

First aid kit and fire extinguishing equipment


The arena manager has overall responsibility for evacuation. In the event of an evacuation, you must, to the best of your ability, be helpful so that the public can get to safety and leave the area yourself.

First aid

In case of emergency / crisis – always remember:

Your behavior is important

Group instructions

Bonfire guard

Meeting place: By one of the bonfires in the Lavvo

The outdoor group

Meeting place: At the volunteer base in Hornemansgården

The outdoor area is the first thing the visitors encounter when they arrive at the Christmas market, and you help give them a good first impression of the arena. As a volunteer here, you will be in a group that does various practical tasks outside. These tasks are distributed by the outside manager at the start of each shift.

Daily tasks:

Host in the Lavvo

Meeting place: At the bar in the Lavvo

Host at the volunteer base

Meeting place: At the volunteer base in Hornemansgården

Notify the volunteer manager if anything needs to be purchased.