We need YOU to make one of the best Christmas markets in Europe happen again!

Voluntary service is a cornerstone for such big events like Christmas markets. We need you to help us organize a fantastic Christmas market in Trondheim.

Become a volunteer and experience one of a kind Christmas magic together with the unique Christmas-is-coming atmosphere in Midtbyen. Join the Christmas market between 7th and 19th December 2018! As a volunteer, you will get to make new friends, experience tradition and the unique Christmas spirit. Being essential to the whole event, voluntary service is what drives the Christmas market.

Christmas market brings the spirit

Over the 13 days when the Christmas market will be held, there will be more than 150,000 visitors chasing unique gifts, locally produced food, and the spirit of Christmas. The festival attracts young and old enthusiasts and for many has become one of the most important festive traditions. Producers prepare the festival for many months in advance in order to deliver tasty wares, artists rehearse their songs and performances that will entertain the audience, and exhibitors bring the best they have made. All of these with one goal in mind: to deliver a wonderful experience.

Who can become a volunteer?

The Christmas market voluntary service is open to most people, both young and old. The age limit is 15 years old so if you are any younger, you are required to be accompanied by an adult. Have you thought of bringing your grandpa with you and experiencing the festive spirit together with him? If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Voluntary Service Coordinator (more info at the bottom of the page.)

Many come from far and near to experience the famous <hygge> during the festive time here in Trondheim. Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

What we offer to our volunteers

In addition to experiencing the unique pre-Christmas spirit, you are also getting the following:

*Accreditation pass that proves you are working at the Christmas market

*Friendly study pack and work gear before you start working

*Food and drinks when you are on duty

*Work certificate (if needed)

*Goodbye dinner in January for all the volunteers

*Midtbykort (gift card) for those who work 4 shifts or more as an extra thank you for the contribution


We need volunteers in the following areas:

Outside area host

The outside area is what the visitors first see when they arrive. Your role as a host will be to make sure that the festival area makes a good first impression. Your duties include to keep it tidy, maintain live coals and torches, empty waste containers, gritting when it’s slippery, and distribute festival programs pamphlets. As an additional perk, you will get to witness all the fantastic events at Festvialsecenen (Festival stage) and Trovscenen (Torv stage.)

Market stalls host

As a market stalls host you will take care of all the stalls including farmer’s tent and the wooden stalls outside. Twice a day you will serve coffee to exhibitors. Moreover, you will write down exhibitors’ questions or other inquiries in a logbook kept in the volunteer space or communicate them directly to Susann Andreassen, who is in charge for the stalls.

Stage host

As a stage host, you will become a part of the backstage crew taking care of two stages: Kulturscenen og Lavvoscenen. You will work hand in hand with a group of people that will set up benches, clean them and put them back, as well as make sure there are blankets on each of them before performances and concerts take place. You will make sure there is always enough coffee for the artists, the area is clean and presentable. During performances and concerts you will also play a role of a guard.


As a runner you will get to experience the festival from various sides. You will, among others, restock coffee, make purchases, and step in when needed to take a shift. You will need to enjoy walking and be able to lift heavy items every now and then.


You will contribute to the production of food and drinks at Kafélavvoen. The kitchen is placed indoors. You will work together with those who work in the café and become one of them. You will work as a cashier, take orders, serve food and clean up tables in the café.

Bonfire guard

You will be responsible for 2 bonfires at Kafélavvoen. Your main task will be to stoke the fire on a regular basis to maintain a big and lively fire. Billets will already be stacked in lavvoen for you. You will also receive a fire safety briefing before your first shift. Taking care of the bonfire is a great task and it is essential you never leave the fire unattended. As an additional perk, you will get to experience fantastic performances at Lavvoscenen.


Join and help out spreading the message about the Christmas market! Our marketing team is promoting the festival beforehand by hanging up posters and distributing cultural programs in shops, cafés and hotels. During the festival, there will also be a demand for pictures and texts produced for the website and social media.

Rigging (and taking apart)

We need volunteers to stack up wood at and decorate Kafélavvoen, as well as Farmer’s market tent. We will also need your assistance with hanging up posters and label plates on the wooden market stalls, setting up benches, etc. Don’t forget to wear warm clothing!

Volunteer+ (Frivillig +)

Volunteer + is for those who want to take extra responsibility and/or want to work more than 4 shifts. We need responsible people to coordinate breaks, make sure everything is going smooth, etc. Feel free to inform us (via the application form) what areas you would like to contribute in.

Are you with us?


Press here to access the application form

Questions? Send an e-mail to frivillig@julemarkedet-trondheim.no, join our Facebook group or call our Voluntary Service Coordinator, Christina at 995 48 130.