Nov 24th 2020


The outside-group

Meetingplace: At the festivalbase at Munkegata 40

 The outdoor-group is the first people the crowd meet when they arrive at the Christmas Market. Your role as an outdoor-host is important to make a good first impression. As a volunteer here you will be in a group that does various practical tasks outside. These tasks are distributed by the person in charge at the start of each shift.



Early shift: 10.30 – 15.30

At 1030 Brief

At 1045 Arena round, check that everything is OK before opening.

At 1230 Serve coffee and chocolate for the exhibitors (in a minimum of 2×2 rounds)

At 1400 Arena round: Empty rubbish etc.


Evening change 15.00 – 20.30

At 1500 Brief

At 1515 Arena round (emptying rubbish from rubbish bins ++)

At 1600 Serve coffee and chocolate for the exhibitors (in a minimum of 2×2 rounds)

At 1830 Help close the Christmas market

At 1900 Go around the arena and empty rubbish from both the audience and exhibitors and prepare for tomorrow

 Continuously ongoing when needed: Empty the garbage, assist with beddin, assist with fireplaces++


Method of distributing coffee:

The exhibitor receives a coffee cup from a volunteer, who hands this out with gloves on. Then you use the pouring spout on the coffee containers to pour without touching the cup. As long as the volunteer takes care not to touch his face or cough on his hands, this is good enough infection control. Then a face mask will not be necessary either, a coffee cup can be put on a counter and refilled without getting within a meter of the exhibitor. In any case, this will never qualify for what is defined as close contact.