Terms and Conditions

Applicaiton and products

Vendors with arts and crafts, local foods and handmade Christmas decorations can apply for a stand at the Trondheim Christmas Market. The organizers would like the market to have a broad variety and a jury will have the final say regarding which vendors who will be accepted for the Christmas Market. We have reserved the right to refuse products or adjust the amount of sales area the vendor has applied for. The application will be answered by e-mail.

No vendors will be approved without an application with pictures, and a detailed description of the products. The vendor accepts the invitation to the market by paying the registration fee. The registration fee is refundable only upon cancellation of the event. After Oct 21th, registration is binding and there is no possibility to get a refund.

Rent of a stall / stand.
It is not permitted to bring your own stand/tent to the market as this is supplied by the organizer to secure a holistic expression of the market. Applicants for the highest number of days at the market will be a priority.

All vendors must decorate their stand/stall with Christmas decorations at their own cost. Posters shall have a design that suits the profile of the Christmas market, and your products. Samples and advertisement can only be distributed at your stand/stall. You provide the lights in/at the stall yourself, and electrical wires to these. The market organizers have the right to remove unsuitable advertisements. The vendor is responsible for mounting the products, and to keep the stall/stand tidy at all times. Trash must be removed, and put in the trash containers. All vendors leaving behind trash upon final exit will be charged a cleaning fee of 1500 NOK. The vendor is responsible for any damages done to the stand/stall.

Insurance and money(cash) handeling
The vendor is responsible for insuring their own products. The vendor commits to working according to the laws and rules of documentation of money(cash)handling by the Norwegian law.

The Food safety authority
If you are selling food, you must have the necessary permissions from the Norwegian food and safety authority regarding production and approved production kitchen. The market organizer will inform the Food safety authority of all vendors attending the event. You need to be registered with a Norwegian firm and postal address to be registrert at «Mattilsynet».

If you are making food by grilling/broiling/frying you need a permit from the market organizer upon market opening. A certified fire extinguisher at hand is mandatory. All vendors are obliged to have a fire extinguisher at their stand. The market organizers will supply professional security by night, but you are still responsible for you own products.

Cars and parking. 
It is not permitted to drive in to the market area during the opening hours. It is allowed to transport your products to and from the stall/stand outside the opening hours. There are parking lots close to the market, and you pay for parking to the local parking authority .

Start rigging the market, and rigging down. 
Rigging up and down must take place at given times. Vendors undertakes to adhere to set opening and closing times throughout the market. When vendors leave the stall, it should be left free of decorations, nails and the like. For vendors serving food and drinks, the booth must be left without food residue and spills. If this is observed, the organizer reserves the right to carry out the necessary remediation work for the vendor’s bill.

Christmas market opening hours are from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm. Rigging starts at 4.00 pm the day before the first day of sale. Packing up cannot be started until 7:00 pm last sales day. If any vendor leaves before 7:00 pm a fine of 1500 NOK ex.VAT will be delivered.

Any power consumption excessing the ordered amount could lead to a power cut and can therefore be ordered removed by the organizer. Qualified and approved power cables for outdoor use is a must and the organizer can ask any vendor to replace insufficient equipment at any time during the event.

Any vendor failing to arrive at a reasonable time before the market opens or keeping closed during opening hours without permission from the organizer will risk losing the right to attend the market for the rest of its duration. In the event of a cancelling of attendance the registration fee will not be refunded. A decision to close the market due to bad weather or any other circumstances is always made by the market organizers.

Sales numbers 
All vendors are obliged to report sales numbers following the Trondheim Christmas Market end date. A form for reporting will be supplied by the organizer.

Force majeure
If the Christmas market is cancelled due to force majeure; unforeseen actions, fire, flood or such the payment will not be refunded.