This is what the Christmas market is all about (7-19 December)

The new location is what makes the Christmas market special this year. You liked it at Torget? Don’t you worry, you will find the same spirit of tradition at the new spot. We would like to welcome you to one of a kind Christmas festival starting on the 7th December at the magical streets of Trondheim’s downtown, Kongens gate and Nordre gate.

This year’s Christmas market takes place at Kongens gate and Nordre gate, keeping the charm and tradition you know from Torvet. (Photo: Wil Lee-Wright)

Old tradition at the new location

The Christmas market has moved its location for the first time since 16 years due to construction works at Torvet. This year you will find it in the closest neighbourhood to the city square, namely at Kongens gate and Nordre gate. The Farmer’s market together with the cozy and warm Kafélavvoen will be located just in front of Vår Frue Kirke at Kongens gate, while crafts exhibitors will gather in the illuminated snow tents (Snøtelter) next to Nordre gate that has already been decorated for Christmas. Both Festivalscenen (Festival stage) and the traditional Christmas trees will be located just in front of Vår Frue Kirke.

This year’s Christmas market will be opened at 11:30 AM by the Municipal Director Ola By Rise who will come all the way from Cicignongs Plass to the Festivalscenen on a sled. On the opening day, you can expect lots of fun, the symbolic Christmas market star being lit up, and <<nisser>>, crafty dwarves that remain a symbol of Christmas across Scandinavia.

This is where the Christmas market 2018 will be located at Kongens gate and Nordre gate. (Illustration: Monica Næss//Midtbyen Management)

Entertainment for the young and the old

Cultural events are what brings the festive spirit to the Christmas market. This year you will find more than 100 entries in our cultural program pamphlets such as concerts, fantastic choir, musical theatre Mons & Monsteret that is a novelty at this year’s market, as well as a narrative theater Nissen and Bonden, troubadours, quiz and even more concerts at Kafélavvoen.

All the cultural events are open to the public for free and take place at the festival’s two stages: Festivalscenen and the one located inside of Kafélavvoen.

For more details about the cultural program, CLICK HERE.

The new musical theater Mons and Monsteret at the Festivalscenen is open to everyone, both to the young and the old. Bonden and Nissen narrative theater will perform at Kafélavvoen. (Photo: Wil Lee-Wright)

Popular handmade products and World Cheese Awards 2018 winners among exhibitors at the Farmer’s market

All of us have their own tastes and scents they associate Christmas with. At the Farmer’s market, you will find products that will top up all your Christmas dishes. The farmers are experts in the field and will assist you with precious advice on spices, cooking time, and plating. Drop in for a chat with the producers and get a chance to buy exclusive Christmas gifts such as Christmas pastry, candies, coffee, jams and gels, syrups, veggies, wheat, and cheese – all of these being local products of Trøndelag. The highest quality of products at the Christmas market is something we pursue, therefore, we are proud to inform you that three of the World Cheese Awards 2018 winners in the category of cheese production are present at the Farmer’s market this year: Gammel Erik, Hitra Gårdsmat and Grindal Ysteri.

You will find the very popular handmade products at Nordre gate just next to festively decorated stores. Exhibitors will be waiting for you in numerous illuminated snow tents, where you will find unique, handmade products made of glass, wood, ceramics, fabric, wool, and leather. There will also be beauty products and clothes.

For an overview of this year’s exhibitors, CLICK HERE.

Enjoy the unique food and handmade products locally produced by talented and enthusiastic exhibitors. You will find them inside of the Farmer’s market tent and snow tents down the Nordre gate street. (Photo: Wil Lee-Wright)

Visit the Kafélavvo

The Kafélavvo is a perfect place to take a break from shopping for Christmas gifts and enjoying the cultural events outside. Come and warm yourself up by the big bonfire, spoil yourself with delicious food picked from a big menu they are offering at the café, and indulge in the fantastic festive music performed by troubadours.

You can choose between reindeer burger fra Fjellvilt, bratwurst from Sæther Gård, bacalao from Knut Garshol, and the traditional Christmas flatbread from Melsky. That’s not the end of the list of dishes to be found at the Kafélavvo. On the menu, you will also find grilled sausages, baked potatoes, warm Christmas rice pudding, freshly made waffles, as well as veggie burgers. If you are thirsty, get yourself a glass of Blåtimeøl, the Christmas market’s own beer, introduced last year to celebrate 15 years anniversary of Christmas market tradition in Trondheim. The beer has been created in cooperation with Gulating Ølutsalg and Hogna Brygg. Kafélavvoen will hold the door open longer at the 12th and 14th December to let visitors enjoy concerts and quiz. Invite your loved ones to join you and just indulge in the one of a kind festive spirit at the Kafélavvo.

If you want to find out what tempting and tasty dishes they have at the Kafélavvo, CLICK HERE.

Invite your family and friends to join you at Kafélavvoen and enjoy local food, drinks, and quiz together with music performed by troubadours. (Photo: Wil Lee-Wright)

In short: If you feel you are missing out on the Christmas spirit, don’t know what to serve to your guests or what Christmas gifts to get for your loved ones, the Christmas market is a place to be for you. Here you will find the magical festive spirit and inspirations you need.

To young and old, friends and strangers, welcome. Join us for the festive time in Trondheim.

Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday: 1 PM- 7:00 PM

The Kafélavvo opens an hour earlier.