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The Christmas market in Trondheim, 07-19 of December 2018

Experience the wonderful Christmas market outside of Our Lady Church (Vår Frue Kirke) and the glowing lights from the exhibitors market stalls, this year known as ”Snow tents”.

We are extremely proud of having been named on of the best Christmas markets in Europe in 2016 by the ”Daily Telegraph”. This year’s market has undergone some minor changes due to construction works at the regular site on Torvet, and will instead be placed outside of Our Lady Church, at Kongens Gate and down Nordre gate.

The Christmas market will officially be opened on December 7th at 11:30 AM by community director, Ola By Rise who will travel in a sleigh from Cicignongs Plass to the Festival stage outside of Our Lady Church. The official opening will be full of entertainment, lighting of the symbolic Christmas market star, and little elfs will be running around playing tricks.

The Christmas market 2018 will host an estimate of 75 exhibitors with the handmade products found in the glowy Snow tents, and locally produced food in the Farmer’s market tent. In the lavvo you can eat and drink a wonderful selection of different kinds of food and locally produced beer, soft drinks, coffee and cocoa. In addition to this, you can indulge in over 100 different FREE cultural experiences that will surely set the tone for this year’s Christmas spirit. You can also enjoy the site of Trondheim through a horse and sleigh ride through the city center.

Handcrafted products in the snow tents at Nordre gate

For the first time the popular exhibitors will be found down Nordre gate close to decorated shops and cosy coffeeshops. The nostalgic and regular wooden stalls have this year been switched to glowy, white snow tents, and this where the exhibitors will be selling unique and handcrafted products, such as items made of glass, wood, ceramics. Woven and knitted products, jewellery, leather and clothes.

Farmer’s market

In the Farmer’s market placed at Kongens gate between Nordre gate and Apotekerveita, one will find locally produced food and exclusive products. The market is the best place to indulge in a wide range and selection of meat, fish, baked goods, sweets, coffee, jams, syrup, vegetables, cheese and a lot more from local producers in Trøndelag.

Local food

Similarily to last year, the Lavvo will again offer over 300 seating opportunities. In the warm and cosy lavvo amongst the fires and troubadours on stage you can pick and choose from a variety of meals from the menu, such as reindeer burger from Fjellvilt, bratwurst from Sæther Gård, bacalao from Knut Garshol and nostalgic Christmas lefse from Melsky. On the menu you will also find hot dogs, baked potato, hot rice pudding (”grøt”), freshly made waffles and a vegetarian burger option. For drinks you can choose from a wide range of different beers, amongst them all the Christmas market’s own beer. It was made especially for last year’s 15th anniversary and created in collaboration with Gulating and Hogna Brygg.

”Pot concerts”

Some of the most colorful experiences during the Christmas market are the traditional concerts held in benefition for the Salvation Army and the work they do in the communities in Trøndelag. The concerts are held at the Festival stage every day at 5PM and the audience is given the opportunity to put money in the ”pot” to support the cause.

Children’s joy and a brand new musical theatre

This year the kids can look forward to a brand new musical theater named ”Mons and the Monster”. The play can be seen on the Festival stage everyday. The folk tale theater in the Lavvo is also new this year, and is named ”The Farmer and the Santa”.

Late night opening hours in the Lavvo

The 12th and the 14th of December, the Lavvo will stay open until 10:00PM. Experience concerts and quiz, and enjoy drinks and snacks with friends and family.

Opening hours

7 – 19 December 2018

Monday – Saturday: 11.00 AM – 19.00 PM

Sunday: 13.00 PM – 19.00 PM

The Lavvo will open an hour before the market opens every day.

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