Benefit concerts at the Christmas market and how the charity money is being used

The tradition of benefit concerts (grytekonserter) during the Christmas market in Trondheim has been attracting artists and whole bands for years. They come to perform and raise money for The Salvation Army and their services in Trondheim and in the surrounding area. The Salvation Army’s services support many people throughout the year. Find out how money collected during the benefit concerts can be and is being distributed to help those in need.

BIG VALUE: Money put in the charity boxes has a great value for The Salvation Army and its services. (Photo: The Salvation Army)


Children, adults, whole families, and also individuals can receive help from The Salvation Army. Throughout the year money raised at the Christmas market during the benefit concerts is distributed and used to organize a variety of activities for those who need it. The Salvation Army operates social meetings, family holidays, free music school, recreational activities, together with providing people with meals and clothing.

‘Additionally, we offer help for Christmas, distribute meals to the hungry throughout the year, as well as give those who need a warm shelter from the cold during winter.’ Says Elin Kyseth, leader of The Salvation Army in Trondheim.

To put it shortly, funds raised via benefit concerts at the Christmas market have an enormous value. They contribute to The Salvation Army’s activities much longer that one could actually think.

Here are the examples of The Salvation Army’s services:

– COS (Circle of Security) guidance for families with children who struggle with their everyday life.

– Free music school for those who cannot afford a private music education.

– School and homework help for children and adults.

– Networking.

– Holiday camps in Jeløy, including a visit to Tusenfryd for families.

– Trips to Namsskogan and Hundersfossen for families.

– Easter activities.

– Summer camps support for children and teenagers.

– Covering electricity bills, rent, and other necessary household expenses.

– Covering recreational activities expences.

VALUABLE HELP: Distribution of food to the hungry is only one of many various services The Salvation Army can run thanks to the money raised during the Christmas market. (Photo: The Salvation Army)

This year’s artists performing benefit concerts

During the 13 days of the Christmas market, there will be 15 different artists and bands performing for free at the Festival stage by the Vår Frue Church in order to raise many for a greater good. The concerts start at 5:00 PM on each Christmas market’s day. On some of them, there will be two artists performing, one starting at 5:00 PM, and the other at 6:00 PM. The Christmas market provides sound and lights, while The Salvation Army contributes with talented artists and wonderful performances. We, at the Christmas market, encourage all the participants to contribute and help those who need it the most. Here is an overview of artists at this year’s edition:

Friday, 7th December: Jonas Ledang

Sunday, 9th December: Eldbjørg Raknes

Sunday, 9th December: Mental Band

Monday, 10th December: Ingeborg Oktober

Tuesday, 11th December: Elg og T.H Johnsen

Wednesday, 12th December: Gospelgruppa

Thursday, 13th December: Therese Ulvan with the choir from Trøndertun

Thursday, 13th December: SKA-frika

Friday, 14th December: Kristian Grostad

Saturday, 15th December: Lise Olden

Sunday, 16th December: Kings of the Valley

Monday, 17th December: Kristofa

Tuesday, 18th December: Thomas Taylor

Wednesday, 19th December: Are og Odin

Wednesday, 19th December: Saxkollektivet

ATMOSPHERE: The benefit concerts bring one of a kind atmosphere and remain an amazing experience for both the audience and the artists.

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