The Lavvo

1.-18. December 2022
The Christmas Market is open between 11am-7pm.
Lavvoen is open every day from 11am-8pm.

In the middle of the Christmas market you’ll find the magnificent Lavvo, spectacularly composed of ten large lavvos, seating up to 500 guests. Here you can buy food and drinks, and enjoy live music by the fire.

The lavvo is open every day from 11am-8pm.

Feel the heat from the fires and enjoy a delicious meal or beverage. In the Lavvo the fires burn brightly all day and the benches are covered with reindeer skins creating a unique and cozy atmosphere. Take a break from Christmas shopping or catch up with friends and family during the festive season.

Food is a central part of the festive season, and we are proud to offer a varied selection of food and beverages made from local produce from the award winning European Region of Gastronomy – Trondheim and Trøndelag.

The menu can be found here:
(Menu for 2021, will be updated to the 2022-menu soon)