Late closing at Kafélavvoen: concerts and quiz!

The warm and welcoming Kafélavvoen appears to be one of the most exciting spots to visit during this year’s Christmas market. It is not only the place where you will eat your full and slake your thirst but it’s also a venue that will hold concerts and quiz. On 12th and 14th December Kafélavvoen holds the doors open until 10:00 PM to let you indulge in one of a kind Christmas music, and the world’s best Christmas quiz.

Friday, 14th December: Trondheim konsertkollektiv presents a concert with Johannes Holtmon and WIZRD, as well as quiz and prizes for the best team! (Photo: Trondheim Konsertkollektiv)

Wednesday, 12th December

In the busy Christmas time, we often forget to loosen up our shoulders and let our face muscles smile. The first of the days when lavvoen keeps open until 10:00 PM will, therefore, focus on a good atmosphere and world’s coziest quiz with Are and Fabian! Fabian is the world’s nicest construction engineer and when he’s not busy preparing a quiz, he keeps himself busy making food, hanging posters around, and organizing concerts. Are, on the other hand, is Trondheim’s nicest Bergener. If he is not devoted to making a quiz, he enjoys painting a house, talking about Bergen, and organizing concerts.
Bring your family or group of friends along and take part in the competition. Maximum 5 people in a team and great prizes for the winners.

Join the world’s coziest Christmas quiz on Wednesday, 12th December.

Friday, 14th December

In cooperation with Trondheim Konsertkollektiv, lavvoen will fill the room with stunning music. In addition to the concerts of Johannes Holtmon and WIZRD, you will also get a chance to master your quiz skills.

Johannes Holtmon is an artist and a songwriter from Trøndelag, who has been living in Bergen for the past couple of years, where he received a big audience and support within the field. Together with his accompanist and producer Eirik Marinius Sandvik, Johannes has found his sound: a modern form of folk music accompanied by the unmistakable Trøndersk dialect. Johannes and his band will perform an exclusive Christmas concert during the Christmas market and entertain the audience with songs such as Barn av norske sivilingeniører (Children of the Norwegian engineers), Alien Alein (Alone Alien), and Ett sekund (One second.)

If your heart beats for progressive indie rock, make sure you won’t miss out on WIZRD that will perform in Kafélavvoen. The band is originally Norwegian and consists of Hallvard Gaardløs (vocals & bass), Karl Bjorå (vocals & guitar), and Vegard Bjerkan (vocals & keys), and Axel Skalstad (vocals & drums.) They are famous for performing lively concerts so if you enjoy speed and excitement, make sure to find an available seat at one of the benches in lavvoen, and get ready for the event.

The evening will be topped out with a quiz hosted by Trondheim Konsertkollektiv, during which you and your team can win amazing prizes. Maximum 5 participants in a team.

Welcome to the two awesome evenings at Kafélavvoen, during which you can relax, and indulge in a festive atmosphere together with your loved ones. And guess what, it’s free on both days!