Oct 27th 2020

Corona information

The corona pandemic is unfortunately not quite over 

Even though we are moving towards a full reopening of life as we know it, unfortunately we are not quite there yet. This means that we as the organizers of the event will be following all current rules and restrictions, and you as a guest or exhibitor need to keep up to date on the current situation. We hope that when we approach the holidays we are as close to a normal situation as possible. FHI and Helsenorge have updated information on their respective web sites.

Updated information on our specific measures will be published on this page.

Due to new regulations a few changes will be made to the market from 15. December and onwards.

  • The market will stay open from 11am-7pm each day for the remaining period.
  • The Lavvo will be open from 11am-7pm each day serving food and non-alcoholic beverages. Late nights in the Lavvo 15. and 17. December are cancelled.
  • All events at Torvscenen will be cancelled
  • We will continue to run the market in a way that is compliant with all restrictions and ensure that it is possible for guests to stay at a 1m distance to each other.
  • The ferris wheel and horse and carriage will continue to run as safe experiences with the presence of security guards as needed.
  • All our exhibitors will do their part and take this seriously to ensure all attendees have a safe shopping experience at the market.
  • We encourage all attendees to wear a mask when visiting.

With cooperation between us as the organizers and you as the visitors we are sure that we together can create and experience a wonderful festive season, even this year.

Merry Christmas!

-The Midtbyen Management team