Dec 5th 2019

The Lavvo


In the middle of the Christmas market you’ll find the magnificent Lavvo, spectacularly composed of ten large lavvos seating up to 500 guests.

Feel the heat from the fires and enjoy a delicious meal or beverage. In the Lavvo the fires burn brightly all day and the benches are covered with reindeer skins creating a unique and cozy atmosphere. Take a break from Christmas shopping or catch up with friends and family during the festive season.

Food is a central part of the festive season, and we are proud to offer a varied selection of food and beverages made from local produce.


With vegetables and potatoes from Frosta

Reindeer burger
from Fjellvilt, Røros. Served with lingonberry sour cream, salad and red onions.
(Allergens: Gluten, dairy)
Kr. 155
Fish burger
from Ravnkloa, Trondheim. Fish burger made with Frohavs-pollock served with house made remoulade, pickled red onions and salad.
(Allergens: Gluten, fish, dairy)
Kr. 155
Vegan burger
from Grønne Folk, Frosta. Celeriak burger served with herb dressing, green salad and pickled red onions.
(Allergens: Gluten, celery, oats)
Kr. 110
«Anna fra Hønebukta» from Knut Garshol, Kristiansund. Served with sourdough bread from Hevd.
(Allergens: Gluten, fish)
Kr. 175
Ox stew
from Hegstad & Blakstad. Tomato based ox stew with meat from Meråker and root vegetables. Served with house made mashed potatoes made with Frosta potatoes.
(Allergener: Dairy, celery)
Kr. 175
Smorrebrod with gravlax
from Garnvik, Frøya. Served on sourdough bread from Hevd with salad, dill cream cheese and sesame seeds.
(Allergens: Gluten, fish, dairy, sesame seeds)
Kr. 120
Christmas porridge
With butter and cinnamon sugar.
(Allergens: dairy)
Kr. 65
from Gammelgården Lysklæt, Trondheim. Served in brød or potato “lompe”.
(Allergens: Gluten, sesame seeds, sulfites)
Kr. 85
Ramson sausage

from Stene gård, Frosta. Served in brød or potato “lompe”.
(Allergens: Gluten, sesame seeds, sulfites)

Kr. 85
ERG special – A taste of Trøndelag

Reindeer sausage from Rørosrein, house made mashed potatoes made from Frosta potatoes, lingonberry ketchup from Klostergården, pickled red onions from Frosta.

(Allergens: Dairy)

Kr. 120
Reindeer sausage
from Rørosrein, Røros. Served in brød or potato “lompe”.
(Allergens: Gluten, sesame seeds, dairy, sulfites)
Kr. 85
Sausage with house made mashed potatoes made from Frosta potatoes
Choose between: Reindeer sausage,  ramson sausage or Bratwurst.
Kr. 105


Grilled sausage 90 g.       
Served in brød or potato “lompe”.
(Allergens: Gluten, sesame seeds, sulfites)
Kr. 50
1/2 portion porridge Kr. 35
1/2 portion ox stew Kr. 90
1/2 portion bacalao Kr. 90



Christmas scroll
from Hevd
(Allergens: Gluten, dairy, eggs)
Kr. 50
Carrot muffins with cream cheese frosting and walnuts
(Allergens: Gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts)
Kr. 50
Christmas waffle
with cinnamon and cardamom. Served with sour cream and strawberry jam.
(Allergens: Eggs, dairy, gluten)
Kr. 35
Gluten free kransekake-stick
(Allergens: Eggs, almonds)
Kr. 25



Christmas gløgg
Non-alcoholic “mulled wine” with almonds and raisins.
Kr. 35
Hot chocolate
with whipped cream
(Allergener: melk)
Kr. 40
+ Kr. 5
Christmas coffee
 from Langøra Kaffebrenneri
Kr. 35
Tea Kr. 30



Christmas soda 0,33 l Røros Bryggeri Kr. 59
Christmas soda 0,33 l Austmann Kr. 59
Ginger soda 0,33 l Røros Bryggeri Kr. 59
Lingonberry 0,33 l sparkling, Røros Bryggeri Kr. 59
Blueberry 0,33 l sparkling, Røros Bryggeri Kr. 59
Apple juice 0,25 l Klostergården Kr. 59
Blackcurrant juiceglass 0,33 l  Kr. 20
Telemark water 0,50 l
sparkling or still
Kr. 40



Røros Pils 0,4 l
– Draught beer
Kr. 95
Ramp Pale Ale E.C. Dahls Bryggeri 0,44l  Kr. 129
Wit Klostergården 0,5 l
– Belgian wheat ale with coriander and citrus.
Kr. 139
Porter Klostergården 0,5 l
– A little smoky
Kr. 139
Isle of IPA Røros Bryggeri 0,33 l
– Juicy IPA
Kr. 99
Gull Hogna Brygg 0,44 l
– Golden ale – light and easy to drink
Kr. 129
Stjerneskudd Hogna Brygg 0,44 l
– Rye IPA
Kr. 129
Uttian Pale Ale Frøya Bryggeri  0,5 l
– Classic English Pale Ale
Kr. 149
Ovlini dreng Fæby 0,44 l
– American Pale Ale
Kr. 149
Apricot is the new hops Monkey Brew 0,44 l
– Fruit beer/sour
Kr. 139



Blåtimen Hogna Brygg 0,44 l
 – The Christmas Market’s signature beer – dark and mild with notes of coffee
(contains lactose)
Kr. 129
Lille Bjørn E.C. Dahls Bryggeri 0,33 l
– Spiced Christmas ale
Kr. 99
Nova Monkey Brew 0,44 l
– Christmas NEIPA
Kr. 139
Fairtyale of jul Røros Bryggeri 0,33 l
– Spiced Christmas ale
Kr. 99
Rudolf Hogna Brygg 0,44 l
– Christmas Brown Ale
Kr. 129
Juleøl Klostergården 0,5 l
– Christmas ale without spices
Kr. 139
Juleøl Inderøya Gardsbryggeri 0,5 l
–Münchener dunkel Christmas ale
Kr. 149
Julkveilln på kjerringa Fæby 0,44 l
– Dark lager Christmas ale
Kr. 149
Julebrygg Stolt Bryggeri 0,44 l
– Classic Christmas ale
Kr. 139
Juleøl Austmann 0,5 l
Spiced Christmas ale
Kr. 119
Tuftkaill Frøya Bryggeri 0,5 l
– Christmas bock 
Kr. 149
Juleøl Stokkøy Bryggeri 0,5 l
– Christmas bayer 
Kr. 149



Fjellbreeze Røros Bryggeri 0,33 l
– with rhubarb and gin
Kr. 99
Pærecider Berntsen 0,5 l Kr. 109
Pilegrim Kinn 0,37 l
 – Gluten free Pale Ale
Kr. 99



Red wine gløgg
– mulled wine with almonds and raisins
Kr. 70
La Familia red wine, glass Kr. 90
Prüm Riesling white wine, glass Kr. 90
Hereford red wine, bottle Kr. 425
Santa Carolina Chardonnay white wine, bottle Kr. 425
Prosecco – Teresa Rizzi (bottle) Kr. 495



No fuzz, No buzz 0,33 l
Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk
Kr. 59



Peanuts Kr. 45
Chili nuts  Kr. 45



Table reservations can be done by e-mail:
Table reservations must be booked before 6:00 pm the day in advance and are only approved with written confirmation in return. A limited number of tables can be pre-booked.