Nov 24th 2020

Handbook for volunteers

Thank you so much for volunteering at the Christmas Market in Trondheim during this special time!

Here are some various information that hopefully will answer everything you may be wondering 🙂

Midtbyen Management has had a close contact with the municipal leaders in the planning of the Christmas market. They are cheering  that the Christmas market is carried out within the framework that applies at the time.

If you are left with questions after reading this, please feel free to contact

The most important measures of the year:

  • Do not show up at your shift if you have symptoms of corona – Let us know  🙂
  • Make sure to keep 1 meter distance. If this is impossible, you should wear a mouthpiece.
  • Make sure to wash your hands often and use antibac.


Useful links

The instructions for the different groups is found here:



Festival base: This year’s festival base is in Munkegata 40. The venue will be open for the volunteers in duty at the Christmas market every day. Here you can take a break, get the Christmas spirit, get to know new people and eat a meal.

Dining: The early shift can go to the volunteer base and provide themselves with a simple lunch. Morning shift eats dinner after the end of the shift. The late shift eats dinner before they start on duty or after further agreement. Dinner is served at the festivalbase from 2.30 pm.

Lost and found: To start with, we bring it to the infobooth outside Trondheim Torg, and eventually transported to the festival base and placed in a separate lost property box.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the Christmas market area. If you want to smoke while on duty, you must take off your uniform.

Alcohol: It is not allowed to enjoy alcohol on duty. If you are seen drinking alcohol, you must leave the watch.

Clothing: Kitchen production and hosting in the lavvo: Wear a vest, apron and hat with the Christmas market logo under the watch. These are picked up and delivered in the wardrobe in the café lavvo. Apron and hat are used in kitchen production, in the café lavvo. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority requires that everyone in the café and kitchen wear headgear.

Other guards: Wear yellow vest over normal clothes. Dress for the weather and whether you are going to be indoors or outdoors. Private clothes, bags and valuables can be stored in the cloakroom at the festival base or in the café lavvo.

Benefits: As a thank you for being a volunteer we give some benefits: Som en hjertelig takk fÄr innsatsen fÄr alle frivillige fÞlgende goder: 

  • Food and drinks when you are on duty.
  • Being a part of the drawing of the christmas calender all the days of the market.
  • 1 foodcoupon for a free meal in the cafelavvu that you can enjoy when you have a day off.
  • Discount at a selection from the menu in the kafelavvu all through the market (see below)
  • Drinking bottle
  • Thermocup
  • Invitation to dinner with everyone after the Christmas market.
  • Those who work more than 4 periods will get a nice surprise from us.
  • A written job certificate (of you ask for it).
Discount in the kafĂšlavvo
Waffle 20 kr
GrĂžt 35 kr
Hot dog 25 kr
Storfegryte 100 kr
Baccalao 100 kr
Beer (Austmann) 60 kr

In order to get this discount you need to make your order at the cashier. Show an email from the Christmas Market so that we know that you are a volunteer 🙂





  • Mouthpieces and gloves are made available. Everyone who works in the cafĂ© lavvo must wear a face mask at all times. Everyone else outside the cafĂ© avvo who wants to wear a face mask will also be given a face mask at the start of the shift. The mouthpiece is delivered for washing at the end of each shift.
  • All visitors to the cafĂ© avvo are met at the door and directed to a seat, there will be no guests in the cafĂ© avvo who do not have a place to sit. Thus, it is very easy to keep track of how many there is room for. No one should be queuing at the bar, so there will be almost no mingling at all. All seating groups have a good distance.
  • Infection tracking is recommended and we encourage everyone who comes in that they register in our ordering app.
  • Everyone who comes uses hand alcohol in the door, and all tables use hard hand alcohol. Mouthpieces are not mandatory for visitors, but they should keep a distance of one meter, even when sitting. There will therefore only be 4 guests per table.
  • We serve alcohol, but the lavvo closes early – we have (almost) never had problems with people getting drunk, and we have extra guards to take care of such situations should they arise.




  • The number of people allowed in the cafĂ© avvo is considerably less than last year. This is set mtp maintenance of distance, and again, supported by the municipal superior.
  • The requirements from the state and government regarding restaurants are only that there is a good enough distance and that infection control measures are taken care of – ie no upper limit as long as you have enough space and seating for each guest.
  • For everyone involved – including volunteers – “corona bubbles” are created in the lavvo. Ie. that those who are involved in food (kitchen and food production) are bubble 1 and serving (cleaning help) is bubble 2. Each bubble gets its own staff room / wardrobe / toilet, and can not stay outside its work area on duty.
  • Routine: Guests meet guards at the door, are referred to a table, scan themselves, order food and are served food at the table. So they should not have to get up until they have finished their meal and are ready to leave the cafĂ©.
  • Professional guards is at the entrance and exit at all times. They know exactly how many people that are inside the lavvu at all times. It is the same for the area of the “Bondens Market”




Everyone is responsible at all times for:

  • Maintain good order so that an evacuation can be carried out quickly.
  • Never throw matches, cigarettes or ashes and the like in rubbish bins.
  • Electric stoves, coffee makers, etc. must be used in accordance with the instructions for use and switched off / disconnected after use.
  • Escape routes should never be blocked. This means that fixed or loose parts must never be placed that could prevent or complicate an evacuation. A single chair can in an emergency be a real obstacle to the flow of people and cause damage in a panic. The zipper at the bottom of the escape routes in the lavvo must not freeze in the ice.
  • Lamps and floodlights must have sufficient space in relation to the heat generation and fire hazard they entail. Lighting and sound equipment requires a lot of power. Electrical systems and equipment start about 40% of fires in Norway.
  • Extinguishing equipment must not be blocked.
  • Familiarize yourself with maps of the outdoor area and in KafĂ©lavvoen. Remember to report all matters of importance to the arena manager.




Fire blankets: Minimum 3 pieces in the Café lavvo and 1 piece at the arena manager.

The first aid kit is available in the Café lavvo and at the festival base. The arena manager has overall responsibility for evacuation in the event of a fire. In the event of an evacuation, you should, to the best of your ability, be helpful so that the public can get to safety safely and even leave the area. Be sure to be aware of escape routes in the lavvoes before you go on duty. See map of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and escape routes.



The arena manager has overall responsibility for evacuation in the event of a fire. In the event of an evacuation, you should, to the best of your ability, be helpful so that the public can get to safety safely and even leave the area. Be sure to be aware of escape routes in the lavvoes before you go on duty.

See map of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and escape routes.




In case of emergency / crisis – always remember:

  • Think – make up your mind about the situation /
  • Take control of the situation and secure the scene /
  • Get an assistant (s) /
  • Make room for the patient (s) /
  • Provide life-saving first aid if necessary /
  • Notify arena leader, festival director or nearest group leader
  • Continue work at the scene of the accident until help arrives



  • Act calmly
  • Introduce yourself
  • If possible, bring the patient to a quiet place
  • Be understanding
  • Never leave the patient alone
  • There are first aid kits at the festival base, and in the cafĂ© lavvo