Oct 30th 2015

For volunteers

Come and join our Christmas Market family! Get to know new people, take part in tradition and get a unique Christmas experience as a volunteer! Every year we put together a team of about 100 volunteers, who would like to make the magic come to life at the market square in December.

Registration form for volunteers 2021.

Facebookgroup for the volunteers at the Christmas market.



  • Your role as a host outside is to give a good first impression. Make sure the outside area is tidy, empty the trashcans, fill the small fire baskets with coal, and make sure the icy roads are maintained with sand if needed.
  • Help exhibitors who stands alone in there exhibitor space, to empty their waste.
  • Twice a day all the exhibitors will be served a cup of coffee. You will find the equipment for this in the Lavvo.

Host inside the Lavvo (Lavvoen) 

  • Your role as a service host inside the Lavvo is to give the guests a good first impression. Make sure the dining area is tidy, that all tables have a menu and lights in the candle holders.
  • Cleaned up the tables after the guests.
  • Fill up the self-service table with disposable cutlery, napkins, jams etc.
  • Empty the trashcans in the waste sorting station inside the lavvo.
  • The hosts in Lavvoen consist of volunteers and are led by a team leader in the sales counter.

Guard the bonfires (Bålvakt) 

  • There are 2 bonfires in the Lavvo, you will look after one of these during your watch. It is very important that you do not leave the bonfire unattended.
  • Put one piece of wood every five minutes to maintain a good fireplace.
  • Firedrill will be given before you start your task.



  • Accreditation card that shows that you are a volunteer at the Christmas market.
  • Giveaways
  • Nice prices in the lavvu for when you are off duty throughout the market period
  • Food and drinks when you are on duty.
  • Invitation to dinner with everyone in January 2022.
  • Those who work more than 4 shifts will get a nice surprise from us.
  • A written job certificate.


Frivillig ved Julemarkedet (Volunteer at the Christmas market) Facebookgroup