Oct 30th 2015

For volunteers

Get to know new people, take part in tradition and get a unique Christmas experience as a volunteer! Every year we put together a team of about 100 volunteers, who would like to make the magic come to life at the market square in December.

Facebookgroup for the volunteers at the Christmas market.


“The day before the day” Volunteer event – December 6th, 2018. 

Location: In Konges gate, the market square, in the big lavvo. (Kafélavvoen)

Date/time: Thursday December 6th at 18.00PM
As a volunteer you get 

  • Accreditation card that shows that you are a volunteer at the Christmas market.
  • A cotton bag with the Christmas paper, and some other things.
  • Food and drinks when you are on duty.
  • Those who work more than 4 periods will get a nice surprise from us.
  • A written job certificate.
  • Invitation to dinner with everyone after the Christmas market.


Host outside (Utevert) 

  • Your role as a host outside is to give a good first impression.
  • Make sure the outside area is tidy, the small firebaskets, and lights are lit up, empty the trashcans and make sure the icy roads are maintained with sand.
  • Also to give the audience the Christmas market brochure.
  • Will be asked to carry the moneybasket for collecting donations during the conserts.
  • Bring water to the horse and sled, and help the horse and sled with different small tasks.

Host for the exhibitors (Utstillervert)

  • Take care of the exhibitors, in the snow tents and the farmers market-tent.
  • Once every day all the exhibitors will be served a cup of coffee. You will find the equipment for this in the Kafélavvo.
  • Questions from the exhibitors shall be written down in the logbook, or brought to Ragnhild Rokstad.

Host by the stage (Scenevert) 

  • A part of the group backstage witch facilitates for everything that is on any of the three stages; Torvstage, Kafélavvoen or GranBAR.
  • Put out, and put back the benches in front of the stage. Provide with the woolblankets.
  • Keep an eye out, to make sure there is coffe in the backstageroom and keep the area nice and tidy.
  • During the theater and concerts, you also will serve as a guard in front of the stage.

Runner (Løper)

  • As a runner you get a lot of various tasks and the oportunity to see the festival from meny different sides.
  • Fill up the kafé storage, fill in where is is needed around on the area, doing the different tasks.
  • You must like to walk and lift heavy things if needed.

Production kitchen in the Cafélavvo (Kjøkkenproduksjon i Kafélavvoen)

  • Help out with the production of food and drinks for the Kafélavvo.
  • Wash and cut salad, boil potatoes and wrap them in fiol, prepare the butter, sour cream and jam, make coffee and hot cocoa, and fill up the self serve table.
  • The kitchen production is at the Kafélavvo. You will cooperate with the other volunteers that work in the kafé and at GranBAR as well.

Serving the volunteers (Festivalkjøkken) 

  • Facilitate for lunch and dinner for volunteers and other workers at the Christmas market.
  • Help prepare the catering.
  • Keep the commonroom tidy, feel free to play christmas music and make everyone that comes here on a break to feel welcome.

Cafélavvo (Kafélavvoen) 

  • Here you will be behind the counter at the café .
  • Take orders, prepare food, serve food, clean the counter and tables in the café. Remove the trash from the café.
  • This is a busy café, so this will be for those who like high tempo work.

Guard the bonfires (Bålvakt) 

  • Four bonfires in the big Lavvo, and one in the small lavvo outside.
  • Put one piece of wood every teo minutes to maintain a good fireplace.
  • Firedrill will be given before you start your task.

Rigging before and after (Opprigg og nedrigg)

  • Rig-UP:
    Stable wood, decorate the Kafélavvo and Granbar, the Farmers market tent, put up posters and numberplates for the area. Set out benches and such. It can be an good idea to wear warm clothes.
  • Rig-Down:
    Help out with everything that needs to be put back in boxes, tidy and neat for next year. Tasks will be give continuely through the day/evening.