Oct 30th 2015

For exhibitors

Dear Exhibitor! We thank you for your participation in the Christmas market 2019 and hope for both new and old exhibitors for this year's Christmas market. Registration opens in March 2020.
Welcome as an exhibitor at the Christmas Market in Trondheim, December 2020! Read the invitation here.

Application form

We focus on high product quality. We kindly ask you to describe the products in detail listing materials used, the origins of the products and how it’s made. An introduction to the design and pictures of the products are also necessary in order for us to consider your application.

Market rules applies to all exhibitors attending the Christmas Market. You accept the rules when you apply. Here are the rules.

Opening hours of the market
11.00 am- 7.00 pm

Cultural activities
During the event there will be about 130 activities. Concerts, talks, theatre and more.

The Christmas Market is advertised in the regional newspaper and our websites, in addition to all our digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Posters and program booklets is distributed to shops, restaurants, bars and cafes in the city center, including visibility on all bus stops in and around Trondheim City. Our cooperation with Visit Trondheim and Trøndelag Reiseliv includes advertising of The Christmas Market on all their digital plattforms .

– Whole snow tent/ market stall 2 400 NOK pr day
– Half  market stall 1 200 NOK pr day
– Short term exhibitor 1000 NOK pr day
– Farmers Market’s tent 3×2,5 meters 1800NOK pr day*
– Farmers Market’s tent 6×2,5 meters 3600 NOK pr day*
– Farmers Market’s tent 9×2,5 meters 5400 NOK pr day*

*for members of the Farmers Market  Trøndelag only.

A 10 % discount is awarded all exhibitors attending the market for the whole duration of the event.  All prices are excluded tax (25%).

Registration fee
– NOK 650,-


Power              Max WATT      Price for 16 days            Pr dag
8 A                       1800                kr 1280,-                            80 ,-
16 A – 1FAS        3600                kr 2240,-                         140,-
16 A – 3 FAS       3600                kr 2240-                          140,-
32 A – 3 FAS        7200               kr 2720,-                          170,-
63 A – 3 FAS      14400                kr 5440                            340,-

All prices are excluded tax (25%).

Tent size
Measuring 3 x 3 meters on the outside corners
Measuring 2,80 x 2,80 between inside corner posts

Comes with lights and lockable walls.

Size of space at the Farmers Market tent: approx. 2.5-3 m x 3/6/9 m.

A market with a good atmosphere

Distinctive tents an stalls, a tempting selection of unique products, a rich and varied cultural program, the smell of fresh brewed mulled wine, horse-drawn sleigh rides, Christmas trees and Christmas joy: a few samples from a large and unique Christmas market with a pleasant and evocative atmosphere.

Exhibitors with products of high quality

The Christmas market focus on exhibitors with quality products. Our ambition is that visitors will be able to find Christmas gifts at the market that they cannot find in regular stores. The last years, the Christmas market have cooperated with the Farmers market for a tasty and inspiring Christmas market.

Julemarkedet i Trondheim
+47 993 54 000