Oct 30th 2015

For exhibitors

Application form
We have high focus on product quality. When you apply we need pictures of your products. We also need to know what kind of material is used in the making, and about the design.

Regular application form will be available from March 1th.

There are rules that all the exhibitors at the Christmas market have to follow. You accept the rules when you apply. Here are the rules.

Opening hours of the market
Mon – Sat: 11.00-19.00
Sunday: 13.00-19.00

Cultural activities
There will be about 100 activities at the market during the 13 days. Concerts, talks, theatre and more.

The Christmas market will be advertised in the regional newspaper. We also have a facebookpage, and will distribute posters and the cultural program in all shops, restaurants and such in the city center. posters will be seen at all the busters around town in Trondheim. We cooperate with Visit Trondheim and Trøndelag Reiseliv, which has information about the Christmas market on their websites.

– Whole snow tent 2 400 NOK pr day
– Half  snow tent 1 200 NOK pr day
– Farmers market’s tent 3×2,5 meters 1 400 NOK pr day /for members of the Farmers Market  Trøndelag only.

*You get a 10% discount on rent if you apply for 10 days. All prices are excluded tax (25%).

Registration fee
– NOK 650,-


– 300W pr day NOK 80
– 2200W pr day NOK 110
– 3600W pr day NOK 140
– 7200W pr day NOK 170
– 21600W pr day NOK 310

All prices are excluded tax (25%).

Tent size
3 x 3 meters

Comes with a wooden desk and lights.

Size of space at the Farmers market tent: approx. 2.5-3 m x 3/6/9 m.

A market with a good atmosphere

Distinctive tents, a tempting selection of unique products, a rich and varied cultural program, the smell of fresh brewed mulled wine, horse-drawn sleigh rides, Christmas trees and Christmas joy: a few samples from a large and unique Christmas market with a pleasant and evocative atmosphere.

Exhibitors with products of high quality

The Christmas market focus on exhibitors with quality products. Our ambition is that visitors will be able to find Christmas gifts at the market that they cannot find in regular stores. The last years, the Christmas market have cooperated with the Farmers market for a tasty and inspiring Christmas market.

Practical information

  • Location: Nordre gate and Kongens gate
  • Date: 7 December – 19 December 2018
  • Size of the snow tent: Length:3 m Width: 3 m
  • Stand at the Farmer’s market tent: 3 x 2,5 meters (for members of Farmers Market Trøndelag only)

Julemarkedet i Trondheim
+47 417 46 100