Oct 30th 2015

Info for exibitors

Dear exibitor. The Christmas market 2021 is being planned.

After successfully arranging the Christmas market during the pandemic last year, we are confident that we will have a great Christmas market this year as well!

We are currently working out very best to be able to arrange the market for this year in a safe manner for all attendees. There will be changes, probably tighter security and the arena will be 100% corona-adapted. The cozy atmosphere and the exiting selection of wares will, however, remain unchanged!

Applications for this years market will open shortly.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this years market.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Link for this years applications will be published here.

Please read through the information and rules provided thoroughly before applying for a spot as an exibitor at the Christmas market.

The Christmas Market in Trondheim is a unique arena for sales, marketing and visibility for you as an exibitor. A golden opportunity to have your products showcased, and maybe placed under a dear friend or familys Christmas tree, or served at the family fest!

The Christmas market aims to have a wide selection of quality products with their own identity and soul rather than mass produced. To maximise your success we encourage you to put thought into decorating your market stall. Your choice in clothing, how your lighting is set and signage has a big impact on your overall appearance.

How to apply for a place as an exibitor

  • Use the digital application form. You can find the application form here (updated when we open for applications)
  • If you are a part of Bondens Marked, there is a separate application form – this can be found here (updated when we open for applications)
  • Fill in all fields, attach a description of all of your products, where they are made and what kind of material or produce it is.
  • Product photos you attach with the application need to have good lighting. If you experience any problems with attaching photos you are welcome to send them by email to julemarkedet@midtbyen.no. The pictures are important in the application process as they help us promote you as an exibitor in our marketing.
  • The organizers will review all applications and assign the locations for each exibitor after suitability and our overall plan for the market. We advise you to apply as early as possible.
  • Read through the rules for exibitors thoroughly before applying, we will require a confirmation that this has been read.
  • The application process will remain open as long as there are places available.

Product categories

Genuine hand craft

  • Genuinely hand crafted products with unique identity and quality

Food and Drink

  • Hand food and hot or cold beverages that visitors to the market can enjoy
  • Food and drink sold sealed, as gift packages.

Bondens marked (Farmers market)

  • For members of Bondens marked
  • Local produce and products sold by the farmed him/herself.

Games and toys

  • Games and toys that preferably do not found in other stores around the city

Interior and design

  • Originally designed gifts
  • Interior with quality and design in mind


  • Clothing that would make fine gifts for Christmas

Culture and experiences

  • Experiences, tickets, gift cards for trips, concerts etc.

Christmas decorations and ornaments

  • Christmas decorations, stars, calendars, candle holders, flowers, boubles etc.

Christmas trees

  • Real Christmas trees of varying sizes

Regarding the ongoing corona virus pandemic; We are planning the christmas market accoring to all official restrictions and guidelines available at any given time. Please bear with us as this might lead to some unforeseen changes as we move closer to opening day. Any changes will be proptly informed to any applicants.

If you have any questions you are welcome to get in touch with us at julemarkedet@midtbyen.no or by phone: +47 993 54 000