Oct 30th 2015

About The Christmas market

1.– 18. December 2022
Opening hours: 11 am – 7 pm monday-sunday
The Lavvo is open 11 am
20 pm hver dag.

Tickets: 50,- per person
Monday-friday 3 – 7 pm.
Saturday-sunday 11 am – 7 pm.

Ferris wheel:
Every day 11 am – 7 pm.
Tickets 79,- per person
129,- VIP

Welcome to a Christmas experience unlike any other. This year’s Christmas market celebrates its 20th anniversary! It will take place at the town square December 1.-18. 2022. 

The Christmas market 2022 will host over 90 exhibitors selling handmade products in the brightly lit Snow tents and traditional wooden stalls scattered around the centre of Trondheim. Locally grown ingredients and edible gifts can be found in the Farmer’s market tent. You will also have the opportunity to experience charitable concerts, yuletide carols (and more) being sung by choirs, children’s theatre shows and late nights in the Lavvo.

Photo: Øyvind Blomstereng

The ferris wheel

Catch a ride in the massive 33m tall ferris wheel at the market! This is a great opportunity to create lasting Christmas memories with those you love, and to see the wonderful city of Trondheim from a whole new angle.

You need to be at least 1m tall to ride the ferris wheel alone. If you are under 1m a guardian is required to accompany you on the ride.
Standard: kr. 79,-
VIP: kr. 129,-
Each gondola has a capacity of 6 people
The ferris wheel has a total capacity of 144 people

Local food

Trøndelag has been declared the European Region of Gastronomy in 2022. This is a title given to regions and cities who honour local food production throughout the entire value chain, from farm to table. As a certified host, the Christmas Market promises to deliver a minimum of 30% locally grown and produced food, which is a promise it delivers upon (and exceeds). On the menu in the Lavvo you’ll be able to enjoy locally brewed beverages, and local dishes such as the best-selling reindeer burger from Fjellvilt and bratwurst from Sæther Gård.

Entertainment for the whole family

The Christmas market is not only a place to go shopping, it also offers up a wide range of entertainment and experiences for those who visit! From charity concerts organised by the Salvation Army to to children’s plays and late night gigs in the Lavvo, here is something for all to enjoy. Find the program here and plan your trip to the market accordingly! Or alternatively, drop by and see what wonderful surprises awaits you at Torvscenen and in Lavvoen that day.


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