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Storytelling Theatre - "Fjøsnissens" Christmas mystery

02des10:0010:2010:00 - 10:20 Storytelling Theatre - "Fjøsnissens" Christmas mystery


The story telling theatre «Fjøsnissens» Christmas Mystery will be held in the Lavvo at the Christmas Market , bringing joy to all!

Christmas eve is approaching at the farm, and at the barn the «nisse» (a figure from Norwegian folklore) is sitting down with his christmas porridge. But everything is not as it should be. Someone is alone out there in the dark forest, and the nisse has to find out who it is…

The play is an exciting, festive and pretty wild story-telling theatre show where the children get to take part i creating the story. The whole play will be held in Norwegian. It is free, but you can reserve a spot by booking a ticket here:



(Fredag) 10:00 - 10:20

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