Late nights in the Lavvo: The Impossible Green

02des20:3021:3020:30 - 21:30 Late nights in the Lavvo: The Impossible Green


The Impossible Green started in Trondheim in 2018 with members from The Stapes and Kings of The Valley. After releasing several singles and EP’s, and concerts at events like Skjærvafest, KlubbPstereo, Studentersamfundet and Stormfestivalen, the band has positioned themselves as one of the leading bands in the americana/powerpop-genre in the region. Songwriting and storytelling is central to the band, and with their live energy and ability to convey this is not a band you want to miss out on.

Spring 2022 the band released a collection of their digital releases on vinyl. The album “Wathing the Blue” was released through Lofthus Samvirkelag Records, and is recorded in Sørgården Studio and the bands own studio; Nyhavna Studio.



(Fredag) 20:30 - 21:30

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