Late nights in the Lavvo: Sara Fjeldvær

09des20:3021:3020:30 - 21:30 Late nights in the Lavvo: Sara Fjeldvær


Everyone who has heard Sara Fjeldvær can safely say she is a unique vocalist with an enchanting expression. Her forceful voice and distinctive songs have lately fascinated and excited a growing audience in Norway. Despite her young age, Fjeldvær shows and conveys maturity and vulnerability in her lyrics, with an effortless and sincere expression.

Fjeldvær writes alternative pop music using a vibraphone, pedal steel, guitar, synth, double bass and drums, where the band and music truly gets to unfold live. With an organic soundscape shaped by every single band member and their background from the Trondheim jazz scene, Sara Fjeldvær presents a unique universe with clear impulses from both the rawness of 70’s rock and the vulnerability of folk lyricism.



(Fredag) 20:30 - 21:30

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