Choir Concert: Mannskoret Nøkken og Fosenlagets Sangkor

15des18:0018:3018:00 - 18:30 Choir Concert: Mannskoret Nøkken og Fosenlagets Sangkor


Mannskoret Nøkken is one of the city’s most active male choirs and can be heart in both concert venues and churches, malls and nursing homes. The choir sings traditional male choir songs but is otherwise influenced by their ambition for the choir to entertain their audience.

Fosenlagets Sangkor is a mixed choir established in 1930. We are a choir from the city with a stable economy, consisting of 34 members. We practice every Tuesday at Risvollan Helse og Velferdssenter in new and fancy rehearsal spaces with a varied repertoire. We travel both in and out of the country and are planning a new trip for 2023. We are recruiting singers and want new singers of every age from areas like Risvollan, Stubban, Steinan and Nardo/Nidarvoll, but everyone is welcome.



(Torsdag) 18:00 - 18:30

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